You Pay for the Shutters you Get

quality custom louvers We’ve all seen them hanging in your grandmother’s or friend’s home. Bent and broken, impossible to operate with sporadic streams of light pouring in from randomly-punched perforations. Window shutters are not unlike most consumer products; you pay for what you get. And the more you skimp, the shorter the life expectancy of your shutters.

There are cheaper louvers that can last a very long time. Metal blinds purchased from a big box store can hang uniformly as the day they were purchased for years. But these are sure to have a thick coating of dust on them because it’s almost guaranteed you have no pets, no kids and probably have never even opened them.

Investing in quality window louvers truly make a difference not only when it comes to longevity, but aesthetics as well. Can you tell the difference between a faux wood dashboard in a Chrysler K car and an authentic wood dash in a Mercedes S-Class? Can you tell the difference between a plywood entertainment center wrapped in veneer and one made of solid mahogany?

The bottom line is as an educated consumer, you are able to tell the difference between a high quality and low quality consumer product. There are certain sensory queues indicating whether or not a certain item took a lot of dedicated craftsmanship to design and assemble. Everything from the look, feel and even smell can help you gage the craftsmanship—or lack thereof—having gone into an item.

Your sensory queues are only further reinforced when the item in question either falls apart 8 months after you buy it or lasts generations. Well the same applies to window treatments; solid wood window shutters and louvers are sure to outlast cheaply-manufactured, assembly line knockoffs.

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