Real Wood Shutters: A Family-Friendly Window Treatment

Real Wood Shutters: A Family-Friendly Window Treatment

A stylish window treatment that adds an extra touch of elegance to your home, real wood shutters are also a rather practical option for families with young children. Durable, safe and easy to clean, they are much less hassle than the curtains that your two year old is always tugging on.

Enhance Lighting and Shade

Not only do wood shutters let lots of light in when opened all the way, they can also blanket a room in complete darkness when tightly shut. Since all parents want their child’s room to be a bright, cheery place they can play – but also want them to fall asleep easily at nap time – wood shutters are a wonderful solution.

Improve Insulation

Real wood shutters provide an extra layer of insulation both from cold winter nights and the sounds of traffic on a busy street. The attractive addition of wood shutters can help your whole family sleep better at night, keeping bedrooms warm without spending extra on heat and also prevent honking horns from waking up your little ones.

Ensure Easy Cleaning

Much more durable that drapes or shades, wood shutters can survive everything your children throw at them (both literally and figuratively). Instead of having to fix drapes that have been pulled sideways or wash curtains that have dirty handprints on them, all you have to do to clean shutters is wipe them down. A damp cloth or a brush attachment on your vacuum will make cleaning window treatments a faster and easier process than ever before!

Increase Safety

The last and most important feature that wood shutters offer parents is an addition level of safety in the home. Wood shutters don’t have cords like most blinds and shades do, ensuring your little ones don’t accidently tangle their hands up in cords or pinch their fingers between slats.

In addition to these family-friendly features, wood shutters are also incredibly stylish. Available in a wide variety of styles and customizable to fit any window, they make a wonderful addition to any home.

For all your real wood shutter needs, Summit Hill offers endless custom options. Browse our selection online or give us a call at 888-262-3555 to get started on your window treatment project.

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