Summit View (no control rod)

The Summit View original design was created with sleek innovation and regard for open spaces. Containing no visible rods, these window shutters come equipped with maximum mobility in a collection of options envisioned for you. This is because our extensive selection of standard and custom-sized louver shutters remains unparalleled when compared to our competitor range.

What makes Summit Hill the leading manufacturer and distributor of all-American window shutters? Maybe it’s our loyal commitment to customer satisfaction. After all, using shutters crafted from the finest woods, Summit Hill works to provide only the highest quality products for everyone involved.

Whether you’re interested in our select African Mahogany or Sapele woods, Summit Hill offers one standard across the board: reliability. Any and every product from our wood supply comes with a durable stamp of approval from our strict manufacturing house. Nothing comes in or out of our store without Summit Hill quality to back it up. Such is why our Red Oak, White Oak or Cherry Shutters all come fashioned with the same commitment to design, creativity and overall happiness.

For more information regarding our no control rod design, please contact Summit Hill at your nearest convenience. We are confident that we can work toward finding what you’ve always been searching for. Have a wonderful day!
We supply both stationary and moveable shutters. Our moveable shutters have been a staple in the industry for decades. As your style changes you won’t need to change your window treatments. Moveable shutters complement a variety of decorating styles.

Our indoor shutters will amaze you at how much they will transform the look of a room. You won’t believe how simple it is to make a room more intimate and personal with the addition of shutters. For the highest quality of shutter, turn to Summit Hill Inc. today. Our knotty pine shutters are built to last.

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