Custom Shoji Screens

Japanese shoji doors, screens and panels enjoy worldwide fanfare. Many designers, builders and retailers like them for their versatile use. They work well for door screens on sliding doors, partitions that fold out, windows and easy-to-make walls.
Long ago, Summit Hill Inc. identified the need for customizable shoji products. Since then, our team has worked hard to produce the highest quality custom shoji screens to match the varying needs of our customers. Whether you want to use them in place of cupboard doors to add a special flare to a kitchen, in a room to create a temporary changing space, or to create rooms in a loft apartment, we have the custom Japanese shoji doors, screens and panels you need.
Unmatched Quality
We place each custom screen and panel through precise tests before passing it on to the customer. This means we create all custom shoji product to offer lifelong durability. We feel so strongly about our shoji doors, screens and panels that each one includes a limited life-time warranty.
So if you need custom shoji screens, go with the source that designers, retailers and builders trust the most. Give us a call or contact us online. Our team is happy to help!

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