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Shutters; Inside vs Outside, Part I

Shutters are a great compliment to any décor. Outside shutters are a great addition to boost curb appeal as a great platform to add a splash of color to any house front. Inside shutters are a great addition to the inside of any room. They add form and function as great means of interior lighting control and really tie a room together with the right color coordination.



Inside shutters make for a great hard window treatment. When coordinated properly with your curtains and drapes, they can give that finished look and feel to any room. Aside from the obvious practicality element of privacy and light control shutters provide, they are also a determining factor in the effect you are attempting. If you want a cheery, light mood in the room, stick with lighter colors. If you want a classic and polished look and feel, go with darker paint colors or wood stain.



They are also a great means for room division. In an open floor plan wherein it may be more challenging to differentiate between spaces, for example, focus on your interior shutters and treatments. Changing up the color or style of your interior shutters and soft treatments between the spaces you are trying to differentiate you may find surprisingly effective.



Interior Shutters not only add a great aesthetic element to any room, they are also a perfect means for saving money. That’s because they are an important component to climate control in more ways than one.



Because you can control your sunlight distribution throughout a room with interior shutters, you can control how much heat is contributed from the exterior. Likewise, in the summer you can completely eliminate sunlight to drive down your air conditioning costs. Moreover, interior shutters when closed can act as a second wall. This is effectively another line of defense from the elements, important to homes with draftier, older windows.



Indoor shutters are a great option for controlling your energy bill with a classic element of style and design. They are functional and stylish and a great source of adding accent to any home.

Ideas for Decorating with New & Old Shutters

  Originally, contractors used shutters to adjust the illumination and temperature of a room. Most people rarely gave shutters a second thought- until recently. Instead of using shutters solely on the exterior of homes, many homeowners are employing them for interior décor schemes. This trend creates a unique look in the home, while giving your… Continue Reading

Poplar Wood

Poplar is a popular wood we use when making our custom American shutters. It comes from the genus Populus, which includes aspen and cottonwood trees.   It features impeccable durability and its elasticity allows some bending action, permitting some bending so the shutters won’t snap very easily.   Poplar wood has been used in manufacturing… Continue Reading