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A Few Room Design Tips…

Is your living room as exciting as flavorless oatmeal breakfast? As the center and focal part of a house, these rooms should be decorated and celebrated as a place for gathering friends and family. A room you are inspired to spend time in, even if you’re just reading a book or listening to music. That means out with the beige wall paint and dark brown couches. In with any one or all of these four interior design ideas that can make your living room a room you’ll never want to leave!


Don’t be afraid to go dark when painting your living room. Sure beige matches with everything, but you’ll be presently surprised to know that dark purple, navy blue and dark gray also match with a ton of carpets and styles of décor. Dark colors make a room feel cozy. They add a sense of stability and draw the eye to that room amongst the others in your house.


You can also use your windows as a statement piece in your living room. Dark wooden interior shutters in a red or orange room can add a sense of nature and class. Opened, they can brighten up a room for daytime, get-togethers and closed, they can darken the room for movie night. Not a fan of wood? Interior shutters also come in plastic, metal and vinyl in almost any color you could imagine.


Who said a living room has to have a couch? Homeowners today are opting out of one couch and as an alternative buying four or five armchairs to open up a room and make it easier to move things around. A blue living room would be the perfect place for armchairs that are either solid white, black or gray or patterned chairs with complimentary colors. Two matching sets, or five different types and stiles, it’s all up to you and how unique you want your living room to be.


Another idea is to use a non-traditional coffee table. Often positioned in the center of a room, plain metal or wood coffee tables can be so boring. Luckily there are tons of interesting coffee tables on the market today, or you could even make one yourself! You could make a standout coffee table from a section of a tree trunk, a metal sculpture with glass on top or even a yard sale find that you repaint or re-finish.


All of these ideas can make your new, or old, living room really come to life. Some other interior designs trends this year include using more throw pillows tan ever before, tucking blankets into couches and chair instead of hiding them in a closet and bringing the outside in with nature inspired décor.

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