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Why Shutters Belong On The Patio

patio shuttersInterior and exterior shutters are some of the most common window treatments in homes around the nation, but have you ever considered using shutters on your patio? As summer slowly starts, more and more of us are spending time on our back or front patios to enjoy warm breezes and fresh air. Grilling, sitting or just enjoying the weather, patios can be completely transformed from a plain sitting area to a complete, designed room. One way to do this is to add shutters for patio doors and windows.



Many patios have floor to ceiling windows that provide for a great view of the outdoors. However, on a very hot day the sun’s rays easily penetrate the glass and heat up the patio quickly. It can even become uncomfortable to spend time there. And the same goes for the winter, when your enclosed patio can be way too cold to enjoy. Shutters can help regulate the temperature in your patio as well as block out unwanted sun. They can be adjusted to allow more or less light and even add additional privacy to the space.


If your patio doesn’t have floor to ceiling shutters but rather smaller windows, or just a glass door, you can still take advantage of shutters. Made in a variety of styles and materials, you can find a suitable design that fits the aesthetics of your patio. In addition, you make want to only have shutters on your patio door. This is a common starting point for homeowners that want to see the benefits of shutters before installing them throughout the whole patio.



On a screen door, shutters can control the amount of airflow into the patio. They can also be used in place of glass or screen on the door to the outside or from the inside of the house to the patio. Vinyl shutters can withstand four seasons of weather so homeowners don’t have to switch them out in the fall unlike switching between glass and screens in each and every window or door. That being said, shutters add an element of convenience for any sized patio area.



Using shutters throughout your patio can help you to define and design your space. As an alternative to a front or back patio that is essentially transparent, shutters create a boundary between patio guests and the outside world. The can create another living space that is closer to nature, but still functional throughout all parts of the year. If you’re looking to take you patio to the next level this spring or summer, shutters are no doubt, a great start.