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How to clean wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are unique. They’re not like regular blinds or plastic shades, which can be removed or replaced easily.


Wooden shutters and louvers are timeless pieces of décor that add value and grace to anyone’s home. These are pieces that you want to keep around for a while, so keeping them clean and beautiful is of utmost important.


Here are a few ways to keep your custom wooden shutters clean and dazzling.


— Never use water. Soap and water is a great way to clean just about anything, except wood. These shutters are not an exception.


— Blinds can be cleaned with a cloth or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Make sure the attachment isn’t a rough because it could scratch the wood or the stain that’s on the wood.


— Some shutters come with small groves or crevices, where dust can easily be collected and hard to remove despite a vacuum cleaner.  This calls for some good old elbow grease and a cloth or microfiber to remove some of the dust and dirt.


— Wood polish like Old English wipes or spray is effective in dusting and polishing your wooden louvers or shutters.


You should dust or polish your shutters at least once a month if not more often. This keeps your shutters clean and what makes them an integral part of your living area.