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Zero Clearance Shutters Allow Best Privacy

Zero clearance shutters are positioned against the glass of a window or door and don’t require the bulky framing of traditional shutters. This type of shutter is frequently used on French doors to have better privacy and light control, without sacrificing aesthetics.


Zero-clearance shutters are used as an alternative to fabric treatments and curtains as well as blinds. Used to keep light out, curtains wear out quickly due to constant pulling, shifting and touching. They also fade in the sunlight and have to be replaced at least every few years. Blinds can be hung on French doors, but can shift and swing when the doors open and close. More often than not, the blind will end up being closed in the doorframe, leaving bend or broken slats.


An entry door from the back porch into a kitchen is a great opportunity for these shutters. They can be opened to let light in during the day and closed to keep out peeping toms at night. White zero-clearance shutters can add a crisp feeling to a lightly painted kitchen. For kitchens that are painted a darker color or that have a lot of wood paneling, red or brown shutters could make great fit, or natural wood shutters that match with existing accents in the room.


Available in a variety of colors, zero-clearance shutters match any room or décor. In fact, without the framing, they become an accent to a room, instead of a cumbersome point of focus. Summit Hill also offers complete customization so home or office owners get the exact shutters they want. As a functional and design element of a room, zero-clearance shutters can enhance the beauty or a doorway and increase the privacy in a room.

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