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Bedroom Shutter Ideas

bedroom shutters, wooden shutters, painted white shuttersIt is time to bring the outdoors inside. You can have a rustic feel or maybe even have a clear approach. Shutters inside can really add another dimension to your windows as well as providing window treatment options.

You can hang a weather wooden shutter on the inside of your bedroom window and have them close and open and be functional. You could also have them stationary open. If you leave them open you will feel like you have your own little cottage in the middle of a busy city. Leaving the windows open can also allow you to put stationary curtains for decoration and function.

If you want to go with a clean look, go with painted white shutters. These can be used the same ways as above. With a plain white shutter you may have more options for bringing in color. You could even use the shutters to hold up some more art in the slats. Shutters can also provide a nice place to hang your accessories. The slats are perfect for hanging hangers or jewelry. They act as little shelves that have the stability to hold your most precious pieces.

Shutters add a perfect extra piece to your room with a dramatic effect. You will not need extra art if you have these pieces, they are the art. Your home is your domain and you can do with it as you please. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a retreat from the hustle and bustle of a busy day.

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