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Care For Your Shutters For Long-Term Use

aging shuttersShutters are the kind of window treatment that can last for years. They are a classic element that can be matched to any type of home or décor for comprehensive design. But as years pass, shutters like furniture and flooring, must be properly cared for to ensure longevity and quality visual appeal. On the most very basic level, shutters must be kept clean. Regular cleaning of shutters gets rid of dirt; debris and any type of build up that can damage the structure and appearance of the shutter.



While both interior and exterior shutters need to be cleaned, this is especially important for outdoor shutters in dusty, windy climates. Dust can make the shutters look dull and used, while wind can be harsh against paint causing it to weaken or chip. Regular maintenance of your shutters lets you see small problems and fix them quickly and inexpensively before they turn into bigger, more substantial problems. Shutters should be cleaned and inspected at least once a month as also with the change of each season.



Cracks, dings, dents and any other issue should be fixed as soon as possible. For example, if a hinge isn’t working correctly it should be replaced so it doesn’t cause more damager to the shutter or break completely, leaving the shutter hanging unevenly. Chipping paint not only looks bad, but also it gives off the impression that the property isn’t well maintained which could make it a target for burglars. If you consistently repair your shutters, they will always look their best and function properly keeping the elements out, but allow fresh air into your home.



It’s also crucial to make sure your exterior shutters are appropriately sealed for the climate of the building. Whether you live in hot weather or a cold, snowy climate, there are sealants fro both that protect the paint or material of the shutter. These sealants can also make the shutters easier to clean each month or season. It’s most important to seal wooden shutters since moisture or extreme heat can have a negative impact on the shape and structure of this material.



The more carefully you tend to your shutters, the longer they will last and the more benefits they will provide your home. Small repairs along the way will deter larger, more costly replacements down the road. Just like curtains that need to be washed, shutters need to be maintained for optimal use. Luckily, the better they are taken care of, the longer they last and the better they are for your home and everyone that lives there or visits.

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