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Reducing Energy Consumption With Custom Shutters


Custom shutters add a certain elegant appeal to a space that not all decorative features can. For interior designers, architects and other businesses in the design field, introducing shutters to clients for a reason beyond aesthetic appeal include the heating and energy efficient benefits as well.


On the business side, it can prove to be very beneficial to showcase custom shutters in the office or design studio for two reasons: one being that potential clients can organically see the perks of what high-end shutters do for a room and two, the business can save many dollars by reducing energy costs.


From the economical standpoint, shutters are great for heat retention and excess sun blockage. If one of the goals for 2014 includes scaling back to give clients more, then energy efficient, custom shutters could be the solution.


So other than the two reasons above, how else do shutters control energy costs? Shutters that are uniquely designed and installed to perfection can shape the light quality that is cast onto a space.


For going green purposes, you can adjust the warmth or coolness of a space just by adjusting how much light you want to enter into the room. As far as heating and cooling go, shutters have three main purposes: solar heat, heat flow, and lighting control.


By being able to control slight or major changes in view of the location, whether showroom or office, you can control the amount of privacy you want as well.   


In a business where you want to put your best features forward and offer clients products that enhance decor, the office, showroom or even warehouse need to reflect just that. For the designer who’s spent a large budget on quality flooring, shutters can protect the floor by limiting UV sun exposure, and thus, eliminating fading of flooring and furniture.


For superb custom shutters to enhance the space of where a business conducts operations and meets with clients, contact Summit Hill Fine Custom Wood Products today.