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The Benefits of Adding Fan Top Shutters


Establishments such as hotels, banks and restaurants get frequent visits from clientele and therefore, go out of their way to create an elegant appearance that sets a positive vibe. If you have a client list of businesses that strive to impress with appearance, we have an idea for you to present: fan top shutters.


Fan top shutters are a classic staple for sprucing up window treatments. Essentially fitted into the arches above rectangular windows, fan top shutters can add the perfect amount of elegance. Most fan top shutters have operable louvers, allowing your clients to control the amount of sunlight cast into the space.


You can inform your clients that fan top shutters can be the perfect finishing touch their design scheme needed. Fan tops are custom made to ensure a proper fit and can be incorporated into square top shutters to allow the same elegant feel even when the windows themselves are not arched.


These wooden shutters are stunning and provide a timeless appeal to any window opening. Plus, if your clients are looking to add value to their space, fan top shutters are a definite must. These types of shutters should be manufactured by professionals like Summit Hill. For information on how fan top shutters can work for your clients, give us a call today.