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Interior or Exterior Shutters- that is the Question

ShuttersIf you’re looking into purchasing new window coverings for your home or office, shutters probably top your list. But you aren’t held to just interior shutters as an option. There are exterior shutter options with their own benefits. Deciding if the exterior shutter design is right for you depends on a few things.

Exterior shutters are mounted to the outside of the window frame and can be attached from the side, top or bottom depending on the style of the house and type of shutter. Exterior shutters are particularly great for protecting from harsh weather, such as extreme cold or extreme tropical storms, such as hurricanes. Outdoor shutters louvers (slats) keep the elements out but also let air in and are available in many different materials. Wood is one of the most popular types of shutters, but are also typically assembled in fiberglass or plastic.

Interior shutters are obviously designed for light distribution and are more for form over function than are exterior shutters. Opening into the room for window access, a common design for inside shutters includes vertical louver adjustment to control natural light distribution. While the material options for interior shutters are just as extensive as the exterior shutters, these shutters will go through a lot less wear and tear, and subsequently much cheaper to maintain.

When you are making the decision between purchasing and installing exterior or interior think about the purpose behind the window covering. If you are looking to protect against climate and weather, exterior cedar shutters would probably be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to be able to adjust your shutters and have them as an element of décor in your house, then interior shutters could be the way to go. Both designs, however, are a classic, reliable window treatment.

Using Plantation Shutters for a Southern Look

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