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Tips for Darkening a Bright Room

shuttersDepending on the number of light sources and the paint color, sometimes a room can come off as too bright. While this isn’t always a problem, it can be an issue if you want to make the room a bit cozier. There are several ways to darken a room, chief among them adding high-quality blinds to your windows that can adequately block out all natural light. The following are some additional ways to darken overly bright rooms in your home.

If the paint color is contributing to the room’s brightness, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. If the current color is too bright and overpowering, try using something that’s at least a few shades darker. You can also apply a faux finish to the paint in order to make it less reflective.

In addition to installing blinds that block out natural light, you can downgrade the brightness of any artificial light sources in the room. If the bulbs aren’t the source of the problem, you may simply need to add better shades to your lamps.

Finally, don’t leave your walls completely blank, especially if they are contributing to the brightness of the room. If you hang pictures, tapestries, and other things on your walls, it will break up large portions of otherwise solid, bright colors.

While many people aim to make the rooms in their home brighter, it is possible for a room to be too bright. Take advantage of these tips, and along with some effective blinds, you can tone down any rooms in your home that are too bright.

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