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Advantages of Professional Shutters vs. DIY

exterior shuddersShutters are a great interior or exterior addition to any home. Much like other window treatments or home improvement projects, owners have the choice between getting professionally created and installed shutters or preparing them and installing the shutters by themselves. DIY projects, which often look quick and easy, can turn into hours of labor and frustration costing much more than originally expected. Not to mention there are a variety of advantages to using a professional service.



Without much prior knowledge of shutters, it’s easy to choose the wrong ones, or paint them with the wrong medium. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting home and realizing your new shutters are too big, too small or just all together wrong. Professionals will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for whether its interior or exterior shutters. They also have the knowledge of what stains and paints work best for your climate, weather and usage.



A reputable company will also provide you and your home with quality shutters. Purchasing and installing shutters is one thing, having poor quality shutters that need to be replaced year after year is another. For the most value, you should look for shutters made of quality materials like wood or vinyl, which can stand up against the wear and tear of exterior weather or interior handling. Remember that a good quality shutter installed incorrectly can be detriment to the function and integrity of the window treatment.



Taking on the project of shutters and their installation can leave you with questions and no answers. This type of window treatment can effectively keep air flowing through your house but keep the elements out, if done correctly. Going through this process with a professional is a great way to make sure you and your home gets exactly what it needs. For example, you make think that you need interior shutters when in reality the design and architecture of your house better supports exterior wooden shutters. You can ask any questions you may have and get legitimate answers that can provide you with shutters that last for years.



It’s common for DIY projects that should take a few hours, in reality take days or even weeks. If you don’t know the basics of painting shutters or the installation process, it could take way more time than planned. Working with professionals allows you to pick exactly the materials and color of shutter you want and schedule a time to get the installation done. Less stress and more free time both come along with choosing a professional service.



The time you would have spent painting, staining, reading directions and actually installing the shutters you could instead spend enjoying a weekend with your family. As you begin to make decisions about window treatments and adding or replacing shutters, consider the advantages of using a professional. If you want quality, knowledge and the proper shutter and installation, this could be the right choice for you.


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