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Decorate with Shutters this Holiday Season

Decorate with Shutters this Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws near and your family begins unpacking wreaths, stockings and ornaments, you are probably looking for a way to change up your decorating routine. Year after year, many of us use the same Christmas decorations, adding a piece here and there, but generally keeping things the same. One great way to spice up your decorating routine this winter is to include your shutters in your décor. Whether you use the shutters you recently replaced inside your home or decorate those on your walls, there are plenty of beautiful and unique ideas to try.

A Place for Christmas Cards

One of the happiest parts of the holiday season is receiving greeting cards from your friends and relative. Make these mementos a part of your décor by hanging them in your home. Whether you paint an old shutter and hang it in your living room or stick Christmas cards in the louvers on your windows, your home will glow with the warmth and love of the holiday season!

Style like Christmas Presents

Especially if you live in an area that suffers from harsh winter weather, it is important to take care of your exterior shutters. A great way to keep them covered while adding some festive flair to your home is to wrap them up like Christmas presents. Decorated with brightly colored wrapping paper and some big bows, your shutters will stand out from the rest of the neighborhoods beautifully.

Door Décor

Instead of hanging a wreath on your front door this winter, why not make a unique piece of décor out of an old shutter? Painted a bright red and complimented with an artificial evergreen spray, pinecones, bells and other holiday decorations of your choosing, this unique piece will create a warm and welcoming feeling as guests enter your home.

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