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The Benefits of Custom-Made Wood Shutters

The Benefits of Custom-Made Wood Shutters

An extension of your home’s style, indoor and outdoor shutters should be designed with just as much thought as is employed when furnishing the rest of your house. And what better way to ensure your shutters are the perfect match for your space than by having them custom made?

custom arch top antebellum louversMatch Your Woodwork Seamlessly

When it comes to creating quality custom wood shutters, Summit Hill has years of experience working with mahogany, cedar, red oak, white oak and many other woods. The right window treatment can work wonders in any space, which is why we put so much thought into the wood we use.

Especially if your home or office contains a lot of natural woodwork, it is important for the wood your shutters are created with to blend in seamlessly. From rich mahogany to pale and crisp white oak, there are endless options and stains to consider depending on the mood you would like to create.

Accentuate Your Style

Instead of having to settle for store bought shades, choosing custom wood shutters allows you to show off your style in every aspect of your home décor. An area of design often forgotten, your window treatments can have an incredible effect on the overall appearance of your space. Whether you are looking for a sleek, simple design or intricately carved features, the possibilities are endless with custom made shutters.

fan top louversCreate a Perfect Fit

One of the biggest assets of designing custom wood shutters is that you no longer have to worry about finding window treatment to fit your oddly shaped and sized windows. Providing that extra layer of comfort and shade that traditional draperies cannot, wood shutters can completely transform the appearance of your home, allowing you to change the amount of light you let in depending on the season and time of day.

Customized to fit the windows in your home, your Summit Hill shutters will be a perfect fit. Made from the highest quality American-made products available, choose from a variety of different woods like solid poplar and pine. Visit us online to view the different options and styles available, and contact us by phone at 888-262-3555 to get started on your home improvement project.

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