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Decorating Brownstone Homes

Decorating Brownstone Homes

Picture this: your newest client has a historic home, a brownstone to be exact, and you have been dying to land a job like this for years. You want to make the best choices possible for this home since you will be spending all of your energy on it for the next few months.

Brownstones have so much potential, you want to be sure that the interior matches up with the stately exterior. A lot of brownstones, because of their age, have fallen into disrepair. Because of this, you may have a situation where you have to gut some rooms to create a blank canvas for your vision to actually happen.

The aesthetics of brownstones are fairly similar across the board with their high ceilings and large, open rooms. Take advantage of the gorgeous windows and install shutters to fit with floor to ceiling drapes. You want to accent the ceiling height as much as possible.

Brownstones are ideal for raised panel shutters or raised panel/louver combination shutters.

To give the appearance of an open space, we recommend considering light colored paint along with light flooring. If possible see if you can refurbish any original hardwood flooring to maintain some of the charm and character that this home will possess. Lastly, when it comes to patterns, be very cautious, some can just be too over the top and look gaudy in the space.

When decorating this type of home look for things that inspire you about the home itself. Whether it is an old rocking chair that they have in the corner or the beautiful wood fireplace mantle you can build your ideas around that. Chances are that once your project is finished the homeowners will love the work that you have completed by following our guide.