Add Asian Style to Your Bedroom with a Shoji Screen

Add Asian Style to Your Bedroom with a Shoji Screen

The place you go to relax after a long day at work, your bedroom should be a cozy and comfortable escape. As the winter weather grows colder and you spend more time indoors, you may want to update your bedroom to creating a calming area to relax and read. A touch of Asian décor can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom and we love the idea of adding a shoji screen to yours.

Used as decorative displays and as a room divider, the shoji screen can also create an attractive backdrop in your bedroom. Instead of using a headboard, consider placing an ornamental shoji screen behind your bed to draw the eye to this focal point of the room. As you re-decorate your master bedroom around your shoji screen, there are a few things to consider, including wall color and lighting.

Wall Color

To make your shoji screen stand out as the focus of the room, try painting the walls a color that will accent the style or pattern of your screen. Pair a light colored screen with darker walls or a dark, wood screen with pale, neutral hues.

Screen Placement

The size of your bed will determine how large of a shoji screen or how many shoji screens you need in your room. There are plenty of ways to use your screens, whether they will be layered along the entirety of the wall or in place of a headboard. Looking to make a large master bedroom feel cozier? Place a shoji screen in the corner of the room to create a dressing area. This will diminish the amount of open floor space while creating a useable new space.


To make your shoji screen really pop, use a back light to illuminate this piece of décor. These lights are also perfect for reading books and magazines by in the evening.

Make your bedroom a spot you will love to come home to with a shoji screen accent. View our online catalog and contact Summit Hill Fine Custom Wood Products today to order your shoji panel or screen.

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